Five Factors for Effective Logo Design


Besides your company name, your logo is one of the most important things people will notice when they see your brand. Your logo design absolutely matters for how your business is perceived. With just a glance, the questions a potential client thinks of: Is it worth checking out? Is it a company or product I can trust? Is it here to stay?

If you’re in the process of a new logo design or are redesigning an existing logo, there are five important factors to keep in mind.

1. Keep It Simple

Keeping a logo simple is essential to its success. In our world of immediate results and quick glances, the most well-designed, legible and clean logos drive the fastest recognition and action.

When a logo design has too many elements, fonts, and colors, it distracts from its purpose of representing your brand and can end up hurting your business. A logo is meant to symbolize your brand, so having one that is impactful, visually appealing, and uses clean design is a must.

2. The Right Personality

The font and color combinations used in your logo design is essential for revealing the proper message to your audience.

Your font choice “speaks” the personality of a brand and legibility must be a major consideration. A playful typeface may work great for a new toy product. But for a law firm, a font that is more traditional and stands boldly may be a better choice.

Colors play a crucial role in determining a brand’s message. Every hue evokes an emotion, which becomes a lasting impression for your customers. Though bright and bold colors may help grab people’s attention, that palette isn’t going to convey a calm feeling for the clients of your new relaxing spa.

A unique logo solution was developed for Jet & Ivy, a new clothing line with apparel for toddlers through tweens. The challenge was to provide an on-trend boutique experience for parents and works for both boys and girls clothing markets.

3. Stand Out From The Competition

An impactful and strong logo design is key to your business success. At the same time, it has to convey your brand’s key qualities successfully. With so many brands operating within the same market and many more entering, having a strong logo is imperative.  The logo must also be better in design than your competitors. 

curequest logo design 3

The best way to ensure having a one-of-a-kind logo is to utilize an experienced graphic designer. A customized icon can elevate a new logo and make it absolutely unique to your brand and its marketing.

A medical or technology business needs to appear credible, cutting-edge, and very knowledgeable to encourage potential patients. So, a very sleek and modern look was optimal for the clinical trial startup company, Curequest Clinical.

4. Be Versatile

With so many places where your logo will make an appearance, you want it to look good everywhere. This logo design must work in every one of these mediums, from business cards, advertisements, websites, social media, signs, vehicles, and uniforms. Does the design work for a small corner on a website to the huge expanse of a billboard? Can it be used in one color? Have a version that works against a dark background? Does it look sharp super close and is also clear and legible from far away? A good designer knows how to make a logo work in all of those situations.

AllSpec Pest Control had to be sure their design could work on their company vehicles, embroidered shirts and lawn signs, in addition to the usual print, website, and social media.

5. Hire A Professional Logo Designer

Be judicious when hiring a local freelancer, a graphic designer found online, or a student to develop your logo. Many of these young designers do not know the copyright laws and will use clip art or someone else’s icon to create your logo. You may find you will not be able to trademark the logo they created for you and you paid for. After all, your logo is a valuable part of your corporation’s tangible assets and brings value to the business.

Before a major purchase or procedure, you do your research. You read reviews, look at their work and often meet before you decide to use them. The same should apply to the most pivotal part of your business marketing: your logo.     

A professional graphic designer has years of logo design experience and is aware of the current trends, as well as the effects of ideal color choice and font styles for your business. They will ensure that your end results will not only look the way you want but will help you achieve the goals you set out for your marketing materials.

Whether you are part of a startup company or business needing a new look, Mary and her creative team at Fisher Design have designed logos and refreshed the brands of many successful corporations over the last 31 years in Jacksonville, Florida. We have a wide portfolio of logo designs we have completed for many companies.

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