Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in your industry and need immediate results, investing in search engine optimization (SEO) is an excellent investment. There are many ways to “SEO” your website and there are lots of companies that claim to have the top SEO techniques, solutions and tricks to getting your business ranked on the top of the Google. But, be wary of companies that promise to get you ranked #1 on Google. The only way that can be guaranteed is to do a pay per click ad (Google Adwords). Many of these companies call and say they are from Google. Also be wary of the big box companies that have a monthly SEO package but cannot tell you what they have done for your money. Or the list of backlinks is bogus. I believe that it is best to use a marketing firm in the city you live in. After all, a top marketing professional in Jacksonville will know all of the surrounding regions of the city and the keyword phrases to try to rank for there.  And be aware that the Google algorithms change several times a year. So, your site should be reviewed and adjusted at least once or twice each year.

As of this writing, the current Google algorithm is Possum (2016). Some of the updates are:

  • You need to have your website on a secure server: HTTPS. If you host with one of our recommended hosting providers (Web Propulsion or Magic Angel), the change over is relatively easy.
  • Google Maps (local listing) have become increasingly more important. Did you know we can add a 3D video to your Google Maps page?
  • Website speed​, page load time is very important, not only for Google, but also for real people. If your website is loading very slowly on a mobile device, or a desktop device, the visitor will probably leave.  You can test your website speed here: Keep in mind, you will never get a perfect score if your website has graphics. But you sure want to aim as high as possible.
  • Updated software and hosting: keep your website from being hacked by using a full service hosting company and regularly updating your website software. WordPress is the number one content management system for website development. It is also the number one software for hacking. Make sure you regularly update the software and its plug-ins. But remember to make a back-up before updating.
  • Website content: Make sure the key word phrases your are trying to rank for are on the page that is pertinant to it. Blog about topics people are searching for. Make sure to SEO each of the blog articles. If you need professional training on blogging, and SEO of blogs, we can help. If you are using a service that feeds blog copy into your website, that is not going to work to help your rankings. It is not unique content. (Attorneys and CPAs typically use these services)

How do you determine what type of strategy makes sense for your business?
To help you cut through the information age, we put together an overview of the various SEO channels and methods used to gain rank on Google. To read a more thorough article, download our Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Here’s a list of search engine optimization techniques we currently use:

  • Mobile responsive website programming
  • On-page optimization 
    • Meta descriptions
    • Meta keywords
    • Page titles
    • H1, H2 headers
    • Bulleted lists
    • Proper URL naming
  • Keyword-rich content 
  • Internal linking 
  • Blog article writing  
  • Backlinks from credible websites
  • Directories 
    • Manta
    • Yelp
    • YP
    • White Pages
    • Local
    • Super Pages
    • Vitals and Healthgrades (for doctors)
    • Business Journals
    • There are hundreds more
  • Maps
  • Social media
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Houzz
    • Tik Tok
  • Paid
    • Google pay per click ads (AdWords)
    • Facebook ads
    • YouTube ads
    • Google maps ads
    • Tik Tok ads
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