Fisher Design Of Jacksonville FL Knows The Financial Services Market

While it’s always important to learn about you as a new client, we already know your industry and can hit the ground running with marketing solutions, strategic planning, corporate branding and identity design. Since its inception in 1989, our firm has partnered with many publicly held corporations as well as mid-sized and small startups in the financial services and insurance market.

We have worked with many hometown banks and credit unions throughout the United States. We develop strategies that make prospective clients want to do business with you. While we know it is hard to convince a prospective client to close their existing account at a megabank or mega-financial institution or insurance company, we will show you how to help ease their minds to make the move. The resistance comes not because they love their existing relationship, but that making the move can be a difficult, arduous task. Let us show you how to improve that process.

We will help you develop a value proposition statement to help differentiate your business from the competition.

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to schedule a no cost consultation and start enjoying the kind of working relationship you’ve been craving — with a marketing firm that knows the financial services and insurance industry.

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While we do projects less than $2,000, most new client assignments start at $2,000 and up, since it takes time to get to know you and your business, and to formulate proper marketing strategies.
We are NOT interested in offshore companies who would like to partner with us for SEO or programming. We have excellent resources in house.
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