Wordpress Website Management, Update & Support

WordPress is like computer software (think Microsoft Operating System), there are updates and security patches to do all the time and it’s important to do them every week to prevent hacking or malfunctions.

While you may able to do the WordPress updates yourself, as we explain in this article, there is always something else that needs professional attention, whether is the new feature of a plugin update, speed issue, hosting server PHP update or broken links on the site.

So for all these issues, we offer a WordPress monthly update program and we’ll take care of all updates every week and fix possible hacking issues, if they occur on the site.

WordPress Website Update Program By local Jacksonville Website Developer

Jacksonville WordPress Website Update Program
  • Weekly plugin, system or theme updates*
  • Possible extra plugin configuration after update
  • Security monitoring to prevent hackings
  • Emergency support and website fix/restore in case of hacking (up to 3 hours)
  • Extra backup on-site (in case the site is not hosted with a service that already makes routine backups)
  • Performance and load speed optimization
  • Check-out possible issues such as plugin conflicts, server updates, broken links or 404 errors

*Doesn’t include cost of license premium plugins – We will ask permission to buy license. These are licenses that sometimes were purchased with your initial website design

Jacksonville WordPress Management Program

Jacksonville WordPress Management Program

If your site requires constant content updates and management, but you don’t have time, we also offer a WordPress Management Program**

  • WordPress content update, adding or editing content for pages or blog articles*
  • Sharing blog articles on client social media
  • User management (ex. adding, removing users, reset password)
  • eCommerce product updates
  • Membership support

*Blog article writing and stock photos not included
**Up to 4 hours / month

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