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Empower Your Sales Team With Leads

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All businesses survive on sales, either selling services, products, or memberships. This responsibility heavily depends on your sales team. Your sales team heavily relies on marketing. The question is, who is bringing leads, sales or marketing? The answer is….smarketing! Let us show you how to empower your team to follow up on the best sales leads.

The alignment of sales and marketing as a cohesive unit is where the magic happens, and lead generation is created and followed through to sales.

Fisher Agency works with your sales team to create better alignment with marketing and speed up the sales funnel process using:

  • Google Search Advertising
  • Brand Awareness Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Lead Marketing
  • Local Networking

Our Experience

The process of launching lead generation takes about 3 months to lay the foundation. During this time, the sales team is working with our Sales Consultant to align the sales department with increasing the close ratio. These steps are:

Research & Setup - Month 1
Launch Branding - Month 2
Launch Marketing - Month 3
Benchmark Lead Generation - Month 6
Sales Team Enablement - Month 8
Continues Growth - Month 12


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Focused On Your Success

Our approach is steadfast, always focusing on how to set our clients up for success by doing whatever it takes.

Strive for Superior Quality

Our clients and team deserve the best. Our standard is to produce award-winning work. Together we are always evolving to be better and expect better from ourselves.


The agency is structured with a Results-driven mindset achieved with the EOS system, incentivizing our team's efforts to focus on achieving our goals for both our clients and themselves.

Team Oriented

Our team takes care of our clients because the well-being of our team's health and family is our priority. We dedicate ourselves to helping one another both professionally and personally.


When we order food, we want to know what's in it. The same goes for our marketing. We are as transparent as we can be without frustrating you with all the details. Ask us anything, we are an open book! We will tell you, our ``secret sauce`` is our people.

Passion & Creativity

Our team survey has us a 95% rating on ``loving the work they do.`` Not all organizations can say that. Our team is dedicated to growing their skills and having fun giving you the best products.