Effective Marketing Doesn't Cost You Money… It makes you money.

A well thought-out marketing campaign:

  • Produces sales leads
  • Reduces selling costs and time
  • Makes selling easier
  • Enhances credibility with existing clients
  • Introduces old clients to new products and services
  • Increases employee morale
  • Makes it easier to recruit good employees
  • Intimidates and eliminates the competition

Elements of effective marketing;

Objective: To generate new leads or generate awareness to existing customers.

Distinctiveness: The more distinctive your marketing is, the more memorable it will be.

Consistency: Uniformity in style and content, the new buzzword for this is “Branding”.

Frequency: Many clients’ memories are short-lived. The firms they remember are the ones that contacted them last, either through advertising or sales calls.

Mix: Promotional activities should be a marketing mix of advertising, public relations, networking.

Cost efficiency: The focus of every promotional effort should not be on what works, but instead on what works best and is the most cost-efficient.

And finally: When your marketing is frequent, consistent and cost-effective, it doesn’t cost you money. It makes you money.

Fisher Design, Advertising and Public Relations specializes in Healthcare Marketing, Professional Services Marketing, Financial and Insurance Marketing, Business-to-Business Marketing, Corporate Real Estate Marketing, Commercial and Residential Building and Development and Transportation and Logistics. If you are interested in growing your business, call a Jacksonville FL marketing firm that has been around for 30 years: 904-398-3699 x 1. We offer a no-cost one-hour marketing consultation
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