ZOOM To BOOM Video Conferencing With Your Marketing Firm

zoom conference with Mort Crim

A New Way to Gather the Troops and Continue to Sell Your Services

If you want to uptick your business, start using ZOOM. Why? It’s “the” number one communication tool used right now to connect people, sell products, and personalize your biggest asset to your customers – YOU!

All of a sudden, it seems everyone is using ZOOM for in a myriad of ways, such as to:

  • Talk to friends and family, especially relatives in nursing homes
  • Set up “shop” or sell your wares or knowledge from the kitchen table, library, garage, or a corner of a room to keep business going now – and later
  • Launch education programs, especially those related to mindfulness, how to lower anxiety and stress levels, nutrition and diet (you’re cooking at home, so the “how-to” cook dishes have exploded), financial consultants, any consultancy – don’t let the pandemic halt your business
  • Conduct corporate, large-to-small business meetings
  • Connect with customers in real-time “face-to-face” without a mask or gloves

The beauty of ZOOM is that it’s participatory. You have a voice and can be part of the conversation. It’s easy to “host”, “invite” and “schedule” – if you’re joining a ZOOM, just click the link sent to your email. The first 45 minutes are free! Run out of time, just log out and go back in or you can pay a fee to continue without interruption.

Perhaps one of the lessons the pandemic has taught us is how to slow down. With ZOOM, you don’t have to run to the car, check the gas, run the red lights, find a parking space, and break a sweat before you enter a client’s office. Now, you can check your appearance, put on a nice shirt and wear shorts, if you want. Online shirt sales have been exploding.

ZOOM is now a business verb. “Let’s ZOOM!” “Meet you on ZOOM in 10 minutes.” “Let’s get our friends and have a cocktail together at 4:30 on ZOOM.”  There have been marriages, funerals, and births on ZOOM. So, if you haven’t ZOOMed, get on it.

Fisher Design can help you learn how – a quick hour of consulting can put your face in front of your market contacts, friends, and family. We have tips on how to place a virtual background behind you – we call it “dressing the stage” and bring a sense of calm from the lower neck up as you put a BOOM in your business.

From media coverage and online programming, we are looking into the living rooms and libraries of journalists and commentators – they have now become one of us, sitting at home no longer in a booth behind glass. Instead, they’re comfortable in their own nest and able to continue with their jobs – you can, too. You can upload graphics, animations, or a power point slide dock to share with your ZOOMers. It’s up to you how to “present” yourself while your phone or camera on your computer, smart phone or tablet is running with ZOOM.

Here are a few tips on making sure you look good on the video: Make sure you have a good light source in front of you, not behind you, and not overhead. This video does a great job of explaining it: https://youtu.be/ACNGhPKnmok.

The one other thing you must remember is: wipe your camera lens on your computer clean! Don’t wipe it with the shirt you are wearing while you are in front of an audience, as someone in our office did. So, get with it – ZOOM with Mary and her team at Fisher Design today!

In this example, our art director, Lindsay Powell is having a Zoom Conference with CEO, Mary Fisher and client Mort Crim about the new book cover that is still being developed. What you see here is not final, the book cover design is still in progress as of 5-1-2020. Watch for Mort’s book to come out in 2021.

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