Inspire Ad

Watson Realty Corporate Case Study in Jacksonville, FL

Fisher Design was challenged to develop a strategic multi-tiered launch for a new marketing campaign by Watson Realty Corp. We developed four one-word concepts: MEMORIES: Creating Memories, INSPIRE: Inspiring Moments, DREAMS: Realizing Dreams, and EXCITE: Excitement of Owning a New Home. Each addressed a different market group: mature homebuyers downsizing, affluent buyers purchasing luxury homes, and first-time homebuyers. The fourth TV spot, EXCITE, was specifically designed to encompass the first three market groups. Talent featured in the broadcast campaign involved real people sharing real-life experiences with Watson Realty. In fact, one bought and sold five homes with Watson during their lifetime. Externally, our campaign included print, broadcast (TV and radio), social media, digital retargeting, and Web banners; internally, Watson complemented all aspects on multiple platforms.

Dream Watson Ad