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Island Living Furniture Store Website Design

How often do you change your oil? This a question you might think is completely unrelatable to your website but I can assure you that it bears consideration. Many clients tend to build a site and put it aside but our website is vital to the success of our business. It requires maintenance (oil changes) just like your vehicle and sometimes it requires complete overhauls after so many years.
Island Living & Patio has been a long-standing client over the years and their old website design wasn’t doing them justice. With the website being built by a previous firm, we inherited it along with its quirks. Customers were confused as to what the business did, and what it offered, and it was lacking that elegant “wow factor” the clients were seeking from a website. With luxury items like theirs, it was necessary to have an equal platform to showcase their outdoor furniture store.
Say hello to the new look of

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