construction logo rebrand jacksonville

Your logo has two jobs 1. Be easy to remember 2. Make you money
I know that the second one is a bit vague but we can’t reveal all our secrets. It’s one reason we are able to do what we do for our clients.
In this rebrand, our client originally came to us to revamp their website. As we dove in, we realized that the old logo was going to be out of place with the intended direction of where the company was headed.
The client requested something modern, almost futuristic but we also felt it needed a new name since they were more than a design firm. It’s important to ask yourself, where are we headed in 5-10 years from now? Why? Because it helps us design for the future which positions one’s business to be open to more opportunities. This is part of how to make a scalable brand.
Our team and the client (being a designer herself) were both heavily invested to work together even early in the morning before we open our doors to help the combined vision come to life.
Here you will find Devenio Design, now Devenio Customs, or simply Devenio for short with a new tagline to help illustrate more of what they offer.
The client expressed their love for monochromatic design which posed a challenge since we felt it also needed a little life to it so we included the gold to help give it some depth.