How to predict a great colorful and dramatic sunset or sunrise

horizon sunset
Tip how to predict a great sunset with Alpenglow

Great sunsets or sunrises are hard to predict, it depends on many factors including humidity, cloud coverage, prior rainfall, visibility, wind speed, and fog.

Here is, Alpenglow, a great iOS app that will predict based on your location if there will be a change for a spectacular sunset or sunrise.

Alpenglow iOS/Android App to predict a dramatic sunset/sunrise

Here is my new video experiment with my new BlackMagic 6K. The video is shot with the proprietary BlackMagiw Raw format. This format gives total control in post-production of the exposure settings and gives you also a tool to recover strong highlights.

Unfortunately, this sunset is not very dramatic because I shot before discovering the Alpenglow, so stay tuned for a new wonderful video!

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