5 Email Funnels Every Company Should Have

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DID YOU KNOW? Email Funnels can bring 13% higher revenue & 39% happier customers due to tripling sales team capacity and increased retention rates.

Here are 5 Email Funnels that every business should have.

1) Prospects – Build an automated funnel to attract, educate, and convert targeted leads.

2) Hot & Cold Leads – Build an automated funnel to educate and have continued follow-ups from your sales team. Most sales teams have limited capacity and work only HALF of all leads.

3) Active Customers – Build automated funnels to stay in touch with your active customers, with quarterly check-ins to gage service and proactively schedule service.

4) Staff – Build automated funnels to continuously gauge your internal team. A happy team will out-produce a disgruntled team. We also suggest building automated kudos to team members that go above and beyond.

5) Terminated Customers – Every canceled customer is an opportunity to learn from mistakes. Build an automated survey and annual check-ins to see if you can ever convert them back to an active customer.

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