evolving homes

Aging In Place Consulting Jacksonville, FL Website Design

Client:  Evolving Homes

Category: Website design and development

Date: April 2023

Working on your own website can be a cost-effective way to get started but there will be a time to hand it off to someone else so you can get back to building your business.

Carol Chiang, the CEO & Founder of Evolving homes spend countless hours building the company website on her own. Eventually, she reached a point where experts were needed to improve the conversion rate and storytelling so consumers had a very clear picture as to what to expect from her company and how she could help them.

Our team revised her website for UX Web Design improvements, SEO improvements, and other vital areas. The overall objective was to make it clear what she offers and make the site easy to navigate.

The challenge is that we also had to separate her personal brand from the business as many CEOs end up unwittingly finding themselves. We created a brand strategy so we knew which were the best ways to help her business overall and not just her website.

Evolving Homes is Aging In Place consultant in Jacksonville, FL, that helps you plan for the future or find a new space. We were happy to continue their marketing with a custom website design.