How To Build Your Social Hashtag Strategy

hashtag strategy jacksonville

Hashtags can be illusive. Let’s start with the basics. Hashtags are used in social media to increase reach based on the content categories. Some social media platforms allow you to follow hashtags. When you rank high for a hashtag category, your social media organic reach goes up.

We build hashtags strategies in 3 categories.

  1. Branded Hashtags – These are hashtags that are branded to your business so people can follow your content posted by both you and your audience. Examples: #fisherdesign #fisherads #fisherjax
  2. Industry Hashtags – These are hashtags that are specific to your keyword strategy. Just like in SEO, you want to rank well for the keywords around how people search for you. Examples: #advertisingagencyjacksonville #websitedesignjacksonville #designerjax
  3. Local Hashtags – These are hashtags that are followed by the regional audience to drive traffic to your audience. Examples: #shoplocaljax #dtjax #jaxchamber

How to Choose Hashtags:

We also have a rule of 3 for choosing the right hashtags. You need to choose hashtags based on low, medium, and large search volume. The goal is to rank well fast and overtime based on the high to low competition.

Example: Hashtag 1 has 100 followers. Hashtag 2 has 40k followers. Hashtag 3 has 1M followers. You likely will never be #1 or even #10 for hashtag 3, but you can rank well for hashtag 1 and possibly for 2. So the goal is to keep growing rankings overtime.

Where to Research Hashtags:

  1. Directly on the platform – Free and best if you know what to look for.
  2. Hashtag Shuffle
  3. Hashtag App – The pink icon on your phone app
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