Digital Ads Manager – AKA: PPC Wizard

Max has four years of experience in digital marketing, with a focus on PPC (Pay Per Click), keyword research, and copywriting. He always begins by asking “why will the prospect care about this ad?”, and works backwards from there. He has B2B/B2C experience with lead-gen and ecommerce campaigns in manufacturing, healthcare, and SaaS.

Max has recently relocated to Jacksonville from Grand Rapids, Michigan. After 26 years of having his face frozen from December through March, he decided his time (and face) would be a lot happier sitting on the beach. Outside of work he’s an avid reader of fiction and fantasy, having read Harry Potter, LOTR, and GoT multiple times. When not reading on the beach, find him working on his custom PC or catching an EDM show. 

Max has BAs in both Finance and Marketing. He graduated from Grand Valley State University, which is best known for its proximity to Grand Rapids, one of the great beer cities of America.

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