Marv Conn

Website Programmer/Analyst and Systems Developer

He is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  He is HIPAA certified and previously worked in the Healthcare industry as a Systems Analyst at Prudential and Aetna US Healthcare for 10 years. 

He has 16 years of experience designing websites.  

He specializes in:  

  • PHP Programming – Designing custom sites with database-based searches, inventories and invoicing.
  • Linux Server Management – Server security, maintenance, and deployment of specialized servers. (WHM and AWS)
  • eCommerce Development – designing custom ecommerce solutions and deploying shopping carts
  • Payment Portals – developing portals, payment and subscription system
  • Site Security – developing and deploying systems to reduce and eliminate hacking
  • Usability – The science of how users perceive websites and how to optimize so that users remember what they have seen
  • PCI Compliance – Works with compliance vendors to help merchants become complaint
  • WordPress Development and Plugin Programming – Can develop custom plug-ins for anything that may be needed on a WordPress site

In regular language, that means he is the technical guy that supports web site design and helps customers with the more technical aspects of designs.  You might not understand what he is saying, but you are glad he is saying it.   

Marv can be reached at 904-419-3248,

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