kat roedell2

Kat Roedell

Unconventional Marketing

Kat is a true renaissance woman, as an entrepreneur, she mentors other business leaders and helps to bring their business to peak efficiency.  With a BS in Management and Information Technology, she straddles the wall of right-brain and left-brain work, managing products that are both creative and logical.  She has background experience in for profits, not for profits, and government organizations, and understands people, technology, business processes, strategies, and tactics – coming up with plans that can be implemented and successful.  She worked for a number of years as an Enterprise Architect, designing enterprise-level software solutions and managing the implementation process.

On the creative side, she is a writer, an artist, and for hobbies – dances and sings.

For the logical side, she loves problem solving and planning, coming up with unique solutions for her clients.

You’ll see a handful of matches and a flame in her headshot – this is because Kat believes it takes a spark and a team to make a process ignite!

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