Justin Bordeaux sq

Creative Director

Justin Bordeaux is a strategy and brand consultant with 20 years of experience in uniting both business and creative mindsets to garner the most optimal results. He has led creative teams for national and international brands from technology, racing and video games to fashion.

As an entrepreneur, Justin has launched several businesses including a publication, video game start-up, and creative agency. His experience would lead him to be scouted to take over as VP of Visual Communications for a San Francisco video game developer where he would later take over as interim CEO. From there, Justin would relocate as the VP of Visual Communications in Miami at the firms’ parent company overseeing multiple brands under the umbrella corporation.

Currently, Justin consults with organizations empowering entrepreneurs and executives on how to gain market share through strategic positioning along with helping small businesses with their creative needs.

He also sits on the board of advisors for a medical technologies firm located in the northeastern United States and serves as President for a Fitness brand overseeing business operations and brand positioning.

If he isn’t working, he is still probably working on how to get the most out of life by interviewing other entrepreneurs in hopes that their stories will inspire those that are looking for the push they need to act on their dreams.

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