joanelle mulrain

Joanelle Mulrain

Marketing Strategist

Joanelle is a catalyst for change and influencer in the NE FL community. She offers MARCOM (marketing communications), PR and community outreach skills including full-service advertising and tactical planning/execution. Her focus includes detailed MARCOM strategies as well as media (TV, radio) copywriting/production/media buying and relationships for value-added opportunities for our clients. Her multi-decade experience in healthcare and nonprofits is a valuable asset for relationships connecting clients to keep initiatives advancing. As a business executive by day (2014 Woman of Influence, Jacksonville Business Journal), she is an internationally known American artist (member, National Arts Club) and author on the weekends including a recipent of the City of Jacksonville Key to the City for her volunteer work on the 2014 450th anniversary of Fort Caroline. Her broad experience and “deep dive” into various sectors is well-known and impactful as she meets clients’ challenges head-on.

Joanelle can be reached at 904-476-9099 (cell) or at

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