Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords

when to use branded keywords

What you need to know about branded keywords in your SEO and Google Strategy

We are currently in discussion with the local Jacksonville Ace Hardwares regarding their Google Ads strategy. Their corporate marketing department has a big portion of their local ads budget focused on branded keywords. Ace Corporate feels strongly that the branded keywords are chosen due to the algorithm proving them as highest converters. It’s not a terrible tactic. The strategy just doesn’t take into consideration other factors.

At Fisher Design & Advertising, we take a different approach to search ads. We believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing. This approach includes making sure that all free forms of advertising are being utilized to the full extent. By optimizing websites/landing pages and all 150 search listings, local stores should easily pick up buyers looking for branded keywords. 

Let’s dive more into this concept….

What are branded keywords?

These are keywords that include your company identity. Examples: Nike Sneakers, Apple Computers, Fisher Social Media Advertising, etc.

What are non-branded keywords?

These are keywords that describe your product or services in the format of how your audience would search for them. Examples: running shoes, gaming laptop computer, social media marketing companies, etc.

When to use branded keywords?

  1. When your competition is bidding on your name — you have to compete! Don’t miss out on sales that should be your’s.
  2. When you have enough budget to allocate budget to both branded and non-branded keywords campaigns.
  3. When you don’t have a strong SEO or Maps listings presence — you use Google Ads to pick up sales specifically looking for your store. 

Balance your keyword strategy

By allocating more budget to non-branded keywords, you are able to pick up more sales than you would organically pick up. This is how you increase sales you would not already have regularly won.

And don’t forget to create a separate campaign for branded keywords, so branded keywords don’t eat away at your full keywords budget. Balance is key when using branded and non-branded keywords.


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